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The morning began with the pitter-patter of rain on the camper. What a welcome sound! We made a pot of coffee before Nik came out to get us. Breakfast was at Konstantinou’s, a Greek restaurant that the Wowk’s enjoy. My Greek omelet was outstanding – home fries, toast, and coffee came with it. Nik gave us two coffee mugs with the name of the restaurant on them as a reminder of our visit.

From there we headed east on 104 to I-81 N. By noon we were in Alexandria Bay. Securing tickets for the 12:30 cruise, we boarded for a tour of the Thousand Islands. Our guide, Alanna, was fantastic! She grew up here so all her stories were first hand info. I’m putting almost 200 photos that Ralph took on the tour. Remember that these are summer homes! And of course, you can buy your own island. There are actually over 1700 islands in the Thousand Islands. We saw one house that was for sale for $2.5 million.

It was fascinating being on the St. Lawrence Seaway, only 1000 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. Right now our campground is only several hundred feet from that seaway! Okay trivia time – Why was the St. Lawrence Seaway so named? How many spans of the Thousand Island Bridge are American? What color is the bridge?

Tomorrow we’re headed up into Canada to backtrack to Niagara Falls, Canadian side. Unless the campgrounds have WiFi, there won’t be journal updates – it’s just too expensive for my MiFi in Canada. I’ll keep up with journals using Word but won’t post until we’re in the states.

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