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Today was kind of an extra day, although we weren’t sure of that when we made up the schedule. We found that three full days here would allow us to see everything that we wanted to see. The nice thing is, that with the extra day, we are able to repeat some of our favorite things, run some errands, do laundry and theoretically relax in the cool of our motorhome.

I went out a little after 6:00 a.m. and reserved our seats for the Pageant this evening. From there, I went over to the Visitor’s Center to get tickets to see Sunset by the Mississippi again. I was the first in line for show tickets but unfortunately was told that there were no tickets available. They were all gone to advance reservations due to the number of Youth Conferences here for the end of the week. I was just expressing my disappointment when a lady walked up and asked how many seats I needed. I said that I needed two. She said that she had reserved 100 for her Youth Conference group but only 80 had come so I could have two of hers. I was obviously very pleased and grateful.

I returned to the coach to be greeted with a breakfast of bacon, eggs and French toast, tastefully prepared by loving wife.

We loaded up the laundry and took it into town to do at the Laundromat. I took everything in for Suzi and then tried to get on the internet on my laptop but had no better luck than here at the park. Suzi suggested I go “home” and relax for a while and she would read while the machines did there thing. I said okay but first tried to find a barber or salon but no luck there. So I went “home” and relaxed for a while.

I picked up Suzi and the laundry at the appointed time. We mailed some birthday cards and then decided to stroll around town for a little while (temperature was only 99 degrees at the time. The stroll resulted in a bowl of delicious ice cream for Suzi at Grandpa John’s Soda Fountain and a bowl of frozen lemon custard at Annie’s for me.

We then went to the visitor’s center for the production of “High Hopes and River Boats”. It was every bit as excellent as the previous viewing, even though a number of the roles had been switched among the actors.

We then went back to the coach for the anticipated cool relaxation. Unfortunately, even though the air was running, it was over 95 degrees in the coach…hardly relaxing. I checked all the settings and it should have been cool. I decided (hoped) that the coils were just iced up due to running it so long and the high humidity. We shut it down and went back over to the air conditioned Visitor’s Center to wait for the production of “Sunset by the Mississippi” in air conditioned comfort.

We enjoyed a cool wait and then went to the production. As before, it was sooooo good. The actors are so talented and professional. There is a 30 minute band concert by the Nauvoo Band before the production. It was thoroughly enjoyable with very talented musicians. We then watched and really enjoyed the production.

When the production was over, we went immediately to the outdoor stage where the Pageant is presented. On the way in, we met a nice woman who was there with her family to perform for two weeks of the month long production. We had a nice chat about where we were from, etc., and then went to our seats.

The pageant was wonderfully done and inspiring. Afterwards, the same woman managed to find us and we visited a little longer before heading for the car and “home”.

The good news upon arrival is that the air conditioner seems to be functioning , so, hopefully, it was just some icing up. As I finish writing this, the interior temperature is down below 80 degrees and dropping.

Well, it doesn’t seem like the Internet is going to let me on (although, I will give it one more chance), so I will finish this up and head for bed.

Its been a great day and we’ll talk to you tomorrow.

We leave in the morning for Independence, Missouri.

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