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Dear Andrea,

Hey u know i was thinking about you today! I still want to get together to chat about PerU

my mom is good. i talked to her like a week and a half ago. its rainy down there she is on the hunt for drier ground! I think she has a place to go! a friend of ours just took off for the UK, left his place with an aquaintance of ours and we pretty much have free reign of the place! he even has a pool.

last time i checked though she was having fun making her jungle leaf stencil canvases, she does big ones, bedsheet size! there might be pics on facebook. But yas she has some commissions for her art from local hotels and has sent some pieces up north to an art show in maine!

me and sage are in canada, but im way up North in the yukon and really enjoying it! so beautiful. spent a few hours with some friends by a beautiful lake framed by grand mountains and boreal forests! it was so refreshing and the sun warmed me up so.

sage in in canada and gunna start up school in tha fall! he is living in matlock at my grandmas house with my dad and Gram. its very lovely out there!

keep on smiling and remember the peace and love that are inside you always!! im in the yukon and im having a blast hanging with one of my best friends and i cant wait to see you!

much love,


PS i hope you dont mind me posting this letter on my blog because its the only way people can read what im doing! i dont find time to write in that these days!

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