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Day three in Portugal and I just finally made it to the Beach!!

Trip started out a bit rocky. First they kept delaying the plane, and then when we finally got on the plane we had to sit in the back up against the wall, and we had a lovely baby who didn't like the crazy turbulence we had to go through. Then again neither did we!

When we arrived in Portugal we found out that we weren't old enough to rent the car so we were SOL on that. Mara's dad came to pick the four of us up at the airport and we had to fit our luggage in his little fiat. I felt like we were in a clown car when we took everything out because things just coming, and coming, and coming, and you wouldn't have ever imagined all that was in one car.

When we arrived in Lisbon we went to Vu and Va's apartment before heading to Algarve. Our car was so heavy it took us an extra hour to make it here. So that's seven hours in the plane and four hours to Algarve. After all that travelling you could imagine that all I wanted to do was rest. No chance. First, the city cut our water off. Then the electricity was out. OMG so crazy. What was even crazier was that so such a relaxed and laid back country the repair guys were here in half an hour. At this point I was so glad mara's dad was with us.

Once we unpacked and all our things were put away Mara's dad want to take us to meet up with best friend for dinner in Taviara. I had Sardines for dinner and they were delicious!!! We walked around for a bit and found a cute place for a drink before heading home. SLEEP FINALLY.

The next morning we all woke up around 1:30 in the afternoon!! We had to do all our running around so we didn't mind. We went to voda phone to get our phones and internet. Then we head to Faro (the capital of Algarve) for dinner. Faro was beautiful and I got some great pictures there. After lunch we did some grocery shopping. It was Mara's dad's last night and he wanted to go to Spain, so after we put the groceries away we drove over to Ayamonte and had coffee in this cute little square we found. So neat how you can just be like "hmm I think I feel like going to Spain for a coffee" and then be there in 20 minutes!

This morning we woke up and Mara and I walked to the bakery and came home had a coffee and made some breakfast for everyone before spending the entire day on the beach! There's this lady that sells fruit right by our house on the way to the beach so I've been walking over there to and having fresh fruit everyday!

Anyway all and all everything is beautiful and we are safe and we are all having a good time. We are on our way to Monte Gorde to the fish market to get something for our dinner. Hope all is well and I will post pictures as soon as I can.

Hugs and Kisses


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