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This morning was suppose to spent on another guided tour of some crumbled ruins in Delphi. We took the bus over to the site but instead of heading in for the tour i headed for the road outside to try and find a ride back into town. Success! Right away I spotted a young women with her daughter gettin into a car. She asked if I spoke English and where Delphi was in a strong polish accent. My answer: I  can show you can we get a ride with you into town? She agreed and I buckled her daughter in and we headed into town. I was thankful for the ride and headed straight to the local cafe for a Greek frappe with ice cream. THe day was off to a great start. 

next i met back up with the group and we continued our bus ride into anthens. arriving in anthens i find it to be like a scene out of a terminator movie. dirty streets everywhere, run down buildings, and below our balcony a smashed in car that looks like a body fell on it. mario informs us about the riots and tells us to stay away from the `square' where all the local people are camping out in front of parliament with their tents and signs. mario has another exucrsions planned for the beach but we decide we want to stay away from him and plan our own exursion to the beach. i go downstairs to the hotel lobby and ask for the nearest beach. i figure our the metro map and wiht about 10 other group members in tow we make our way to the metro. our stop is syntagma square. we walk up the stairs and to our surprise we are directly in the square where we werent suppose to be. it did not look very dangerous. just banners everywhere and people sitting around. we hopped directly on the next train and made our way to the beach.

after dinner on the sand and watching the sunset together we had some drinks and i learn of the other girls encounters with marios perverions. i hadnt talk to anyone else but my roommates about it, but apparently other girls had been having issues too. there were talks of him trying to lure women alone down to the river at night after the bar, back massages, slaps on the thighs, and weirdness in general. i shared with them him inviting me alone to the greek islands as well. and all the other girls were doing the same thing on the bus too to avoid him, pretending to be asleep. we formed a mario hate club and bonded over our greek frappes.


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