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Well, we all went to Sin Ventura for my last time of watching the salsa dancing (yes, am very good at watching it now...!!) and then me and Jo went to an after party with a few others. Next day, I met Jo for lunch and a dead rat fell out of a window in front of us on the pavement. Doesnt sound funny here but believe me, it was hilarious at the time. I spent the afternoon at Jos work (which is a house !) as none of her colleagues were around. That night we were good and stayed in and watched a film and ate nice takeaway pasta. On Thurs I did all my packing and went to the market to buy a few things. I ended up spending nearly everything I had!! Whoops!! THat night, we all went to the salsa club (yeah, I love salsa....) Torreros near Jos house. Bearing in mind I had to get up at 415am we were out until 1am.... so it was with great joy that I got in my taxi at 515am to go to the aiport. Had to queue forever to check in for my 8am flight but eventually got on. At Miami the flight was due to leave at 515pm. We eventually left at 615pm then about 20 mins into the flight, all the oxygen masks fell down. Cue crying from various parts of plane. Note also lack of explanation by CRAP Iberia staff (note to self...NEVER fly Iberia again even if it is cheaper...)However I was sat next to a pilot who said it was probably a malfunction and we would need to go back to Miami for them to check it. And so we did!! Eventually got back on the shitty plane and arrived safely in Madrid at about 1pm, missing my flight to Heathrow by about 6 hours!! Oh well, friendly helpful Iberia staff indicate that I queue up for ages in very large queue, then other friendly helpful Iberia person says (after about an hour) 'OH no, you just need to go upstairs to check in for this flight'. Bloody useless. Having been assured my bags would make it to Heathrow on the same flight as me, I was not at all surprised when my bags failed to materialise. So filled out the forms and must wait and see....

The lovely Mr Moon was at Heathrow to pick me up and drive me all the way home to Blackpool, where I am sitting now on Sunday 19th June. Still no sign of bags. Thinking about getting a job.....thinking of where to go next......!!!

Hope you enjoyed reading this website. It was sometimes a pain in the arse to do !! But at least it reminds me of what I did.


PS Bags eventually turned up!!

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