2011 Hogarths on the move again - to places afar travel blog

The streets of Beceite

It's amazing what is around the corner

The riding lesson

The Spanish countryside

The Spanish countryside

The Spanish countryside

The Spanish countryside

First up we visit the village of Beceite. We wander through the narrow streets, mostly houses but occasionally if you peek through the doorway you find a store or shop. No signage at all. Guess the locals know. We eventually turn a corner and discover the most wonderful little waterfalls and pools.

From there we visit Valderrores for a brief look before heading to the horse stables.

Kim saddles up and has her lesson. A very windy day with sand blowing everywhere but the horses don’t seem to mind. This is Kim’s first ride since her nasty fall just before coming away. Some of the bruising still has not disappeared. By the grin on her face though we know she is having a ball.

Afterward we drive the three hours to a village called Albarracin. The scenery is, at times very like northern Australia or the Northern Territory. Occasionally the rocks and soil very orange in colour. Twice we reach heights around 1100 metres. As we near our destination the land becomes quite flat with grain crops everywhere although the paddocks small – some being harvested. We come across a service station with many transport trucks and can imagine we are in mid west America.

We turn off and head towards the hills in the distance and begin to climb again until we come to a valley where Albarracin clings to the sides of the cliffs.

We have an apartment here for three nights so we can unpack and get some washing done.

Surprisingly most of the little restaurants/cafes are closed and it takes a while before we find a small bar with a small menu.

As usual we go to sleep to the sound of the church bells chiming – makes a difference to the Muslim call to prayer.

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