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Margaret River Free Camp - just visiting for Coffee

Spring Creek Free Camp

KoKoMo at Spring Creek Free Camp

Can u see the face on the rock?

Boab Tree - really common out here

Spot the lady in the middle of the stream - she was...

Thursday 21 July

With much sadness we left Lake Argyle and its serenity....and moved on to Kununara where we replenished our stocks that we lost at the Quarantine Station....

After a few hours driving we stopped for the day at Spring Creek - 107k West of Halls Creek. Its a free camp on the side of a river...there are about 20 vans nestled in between the various ghost gums...its a beautiful spot....hence a walk along the river bank...no crocs Im pleased to say... and some more nice pictures where had.. as well as collection of fire wood for our open fire tonight....only problem was the fully grown black brahama bull that decide it wanted to share the path with us....we quickly made a detour and Im not sure who was more scared the bull or us!

We are finding now that the free camps are getting rather full early in the day as there appears to be alot more people freecamping in WA...

The school holidays finish next week which hopefully will also help reduce numbers..... it is fun though...

The night was finished by Bru having a wash in the river...and a open fire/cooking dinner, under the stars - with our new friends....

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