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Amazing scenery on the way to Lake Argyle

Ord River Dam


The fish that BRU DIDNT Catch LOL

Sunset on our cruise

Our cruise on Lake Argyle

Me in the Lake Argyle Park pool! WOW

WA Border & Quarantine Station

Wednesday, 20 July

Moving through Gregory National Park again we moved along the Victoria Highway to The Kimberley, passing the W.A. Border - Quarrantine Station early morning.

Sadly I had to get rid of all my fruit and vegies, plus my honey....but got the best shot of some Galahs! :)

The landscape in WA is just breathtaking and our drive from the Highway through to Lake Argyle is amazing...the rock formations and mountain ranges! WOW!

and those Boah trees....they are sooo cool.

We arrived at Lake Arglye at 9:30am due to the time zone change (back 1.5hrs) which was great cause the Park had this amazing pool which had a water drop off looking over the lake..

...refer to picture 354 or something like that!!!....

After a walk to the lookout and some local fish and chips we went on a 4hr lake cruise...which was absolutely fantastic....

Lake Argyle is Australias second largest reservoir and was created in 1972 by daming the Ord River. It is said to hold 18 times the water of Sydney Harbour .... yes amazing...

We ended the cruise by mooring in a small bay and watching a magnificent sunset. I sipped champs whilst Bru swam in the warm waters...

and yes there are crocs ...but he was told they were freshwater so not eating crocs....hahaha so they say....but hey i wasnt about to find out!

give me champs and a few biscuits anyday! ....arrr what a way to end a perfect day......

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