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This morning, we headed to Carthage after I picked up our reserved tickets for “Rendezvous in Old Nauvoo”.. We trusted the direction assignment to “Clementine”, our GPS unit in the Vibe. Apparently, she had a different understanding of where we wanted to go then we intended. We ended up in Carthage alright…right in the driveway of a nice farm way out in the country.

We tried new directions which got us to the highway that went to Carthage but couldn’t find any directions to the jail site. We finally found our own way through town to the site.

Once there, the visit was worth the extra driving to get there. It was very spiritual and an emotional experience to be in the very rooms where the events took place, including the actual bullet holes that were a part of the attack. We very much enjoyed out tour and the feelings that were part of it.

When we headed back, “Clementine” obviously wanted to take us on a strange joy ride way back to Nauvoo. Finally, I stopped at a service station and got directions. They were simple and got us back where we wanted to go.

We then went on a tour from the Visitor’s Center that is run by the Community of Christ Church. It used to be called The Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but they changed the name just a few years ago.

The tour was given by a young man from the area that is hear on a summer guide type of a mission. He did a very good job and we learned some really interesting things about Joseph and Emma’s original cabin; the expanded house, the Mansion House, the intended 5-story hotel that was not completed until after the Saints exodus and then only completed to three stories.

We then walked the “Trail of Hope” and read all of the sign board quotes from journals of those who took that eventful march to the river crossings.

Center to see it. We got thare at the wrong time and didn’t want to wait for 45 minutes. So, we went into the regular town and got some bread and cereal and looked at some souvenirs (nothing that we wanted however). We then went back to the Visitor’s Center to watch the movie on Nauvoo. After it was over, we stayed for the movie “Joseph Smith, Prophet of the Restoration”. Actually, I missed most of the Nauvoo presentation by dozing off. But the Joseph Smith film was very well done. It was done from the perspective of his mother and was both inspirational and emotional…as well as educational.

We then went “home” for a quick dinner before going down to the Rendezvous presentation.

After eating, we went back down, parked and got in line. We got a chance to visit with some of the people in line before going in, then, went in for the presentation.

This program featured the Senior Missionaries and consisted of a number of vignettes of life in Old Nauvoo, including humorous relationship tableaus, right up to the time when they had to make their decisions about joining in the exodus. It was very well done and we enjoyed it a lot.

We then came “home”. Suzi had a good time sorting laundry to do tomorrow and I determined to try to get this journal caught up by using the Word process and hoping I will be able to get them pasted into the actual journal.

Tomorrow, I will go over to try to get tickets to see “High Hopes and River Boats” again. (Hey! Its air conditioned. I will also reserve seats for a hoped for second visit to the pageant. There are some questions about how well that will work since they are predicting thunderstorms for tomorrow and the pageant is out doors . They perform rain or shine but we may or may not spectate if it rains. ;-)

Good night.

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