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Cody, WY - Absaroka Bay RV Park - Site F-9

Cody, WY - Absaroka Bay RV Park - Site F-9, another view

Billings, MT to Cody, WY 0 - our route - 104 miles

Billings, MT to Cody, WY 1

Billings, MT to Cody, WY 2

Billings, MT to Cody, WY 3

Billings, MT to Cody, WY 4 - Where's the asphalt? It was...

Billings, MT to Cody, WY 5 - sheep of many colors

Billings, MT to Cody, WY 6 - still no asphalt. This ain't...

Billings, MT to Cody, WY 7

Billings, MT to Cody, WY 8

Billings, MT to Cody, WY 9

Billings, MT to Cody, WY 10

Billings, MT to Cody, WY 11

Billings, MT to Cody, WY 12

Billings, MT to Cody, WY 13

East Yellowstone Trip 0 - our route - 315 miles

East Yellowstone Trip 1 - it is still very early as we...

East Yellowstone Trip 2 - there are actually three tunnels here -...

East Yellowstone Trip 3 - the Shoshone River we are alongside most...

East Yellowstone Trip 4 - the Buffalo Bill Reservoir

East Yellowstone Trip 5 - you can see the shadows are still...

East Yellowstone Trip 6 - more of the Buffalo Bill Reservoir

East Yellowstone Trip 7

East Yellowstone Trip 8

East Yellowstone Trip 9

East Yellowstone Trip 10 - don't know what this is but pretty...

East Yellowstone Trip 11

East Yellowstone Trip 12 - Shoshone River in foreground, odd formations in...

East Yellowstone Trip 13

East Yellowstone Trip 14 - going to be a bright, sunny day

East Yellowstone Trip 15

East Yellowstone Trip 16

East Yellowstone Trip 17

East Yellowstone Trip 18

East Yellowstone Trip 19

East Yellowstone Trip 20 - snowmelt still coming down the mountainside

East Yellowstone Trip 21 - wildflowers are still in bloom

East Yellowstone Trip 22 - Yellowstone Lake with a small hot spot...

East Yellowstone Trip 23 - more of Yellowstone Lake

East Yellowstone Trip 24 - some hot springs on the edge of...

East Yellowstone Trip 25 - one of the deer we saw near...

East Yellowstone Trip 26 - Dragon's Breath Hole

East Yellowstone Trip 27 - another deer back in the woods near...

East Yellowstone Trip 28 - we were lucky enough to have a...

East Yellowstone Trip 29 - a small herd of young pronghorn antelope...

East Yellowstone Trip 30

East Yellowstone Trip 31 - after leaving the Northeast gate to Yellowstone...

East Yellowstone Trip 32 - downtown Cooke City, MT

East Yellowstone Trip 33

East Yellowstone Trip 34

East Yellowstone Trip 35 - we are near the top and what...

East Yellowstone Trip 36

East Yellowstone Trip 37

East Yellowstone Trip 38

East Yellowstone Trip 39

East Yellowstone Trip 40

East Yellowstone Trip 41 - construction on the way down, 10-25 minute...

East Yellowstone Trip 42

East Yellowstone Trip 43 - after re-entering Wyoming we took the Chief...

East Yellowstone Trip 44

East Yellowstone Trip 45

East Yellowstone Trip 46

East Yellowstone Trip 47

East Yellowstone Trip 48

East Yellowstone Trip 49 - looking down at the road we took...

East Yellowstone Trip 50 - the view across the mountain range -...

East Yellowstone Trip 51 - heading back down

East Yellowstone Trip 52 - the Wyoming plains - Cody is down...

Billings, MT to Cody, Wy 14 - a Wyoming Starbucks!

Billings, MT to Cody, WY 15 - downtown Cody

Billings, MT to Cody, WY 16

Billings, MT to Cody, WY 17

Billings, MT to Cody, WY 18 - the hotel built by Buffalo...

Billings, MT to Cody, WY 19 - what da ya know, it's...

Billings, MT to Cody, WY 20 - now that's an RV!!

Billings, MT to Cody, WY 21 - the other big campground in...

Billings, MT to Cody, WY 22 - teepee outside the Buffalo Bill...

Billings, MT to Cody, WY 23 - statue outside the center

Billings, MT to Cody, WY 24 - some more of downtown Cody

Wild Mustang Trip 1 - some beautiful country

Wild Mustang Trip 2

Wild Mustang Trip 3

Wild Mustang Trip 4

Wild Mustang Trip 5 - looks a lot like the Painted Desert

Wild Mustang Trip 6

Wild Mustang Trip 7

Wild Mustang Trip 8

Wild Mustang Trip 9

Wild Mustang Trip 10

Wild Mustang Trip 11

Wild Mustang Trip 12

Wild Mustang Trip 13 - we also ran across a small herd...

Wild Mustang Trip 14

Wild Mustang Trip 15 - and we finally ran across some wild...

Wild Mustang Trip 16 - added some digital zoom to get then...

Wild Mustang Trip 17 - bright blue skies and beautiful clouds on...

Wild Sheep Exibit 1 - large statue of a Bighorn Sheep ram...

Wild Sheep Exibit 2 - inside the exhibit

Wild Sheep Exibit 3

Wild Sheep Exibit 4

It was what should have been an easy 104 mile trip but there was about 10 miles of it missing. When they say "Road Work Ahead" here in Montana they really mean it. We got to it and the highway was completely gone - turned into a gravel road complete with washboard and loose gravel. Needless to say it was a slow, rough 10 miles. The rest of the route good as we climbed up and then coasted back down into Cody.

We are staying at the Absaroka Bay RV Park and have a 50 amp, full hookup, pull-through site with a good view to the satellite, free WiFi and strong Verizon. The sites are a little narrow but about what you expect out here.

Sunday night after arriving we went to the Cody Cattle Company Chuck-wagon buffet and show and had some good food and a great cowboy show. They sung all the old cowboy (not country western) music and were also very comedic in their showmanship.

On Monday we headed for the East side of Yellowstone NP. It included a drive along the Buffalo Bill Scenic Highway to get there which included some wonderful sights. We left Cody about 6:30 to try to beat some of the traffic and it worked as well as giving us deep shadows on the formations along the scenic highway. We saw several deer, a black bear, some pronghorn antelope and a gazillion buffalo. We left the NP out the Northeast entrance which gave us the opportunity to drive the Beartooth Highway and the Chief Joseph Scenic Highway back to Cody. Both gave some outstanding views of the mountain ranges to the East of Yellowstone.

Tuesday we slept in then went to the Buffalo Bill Historical Center which is probably the best museum we have ever seen. We spent the better part of the day there and could have spent a lot more. There is so much to see that the ticket is good for two days! When we got home we found that the rear air conditioner had blown a starting capacitor and we set up an appointment for Wednesday morning for the Mobile RV tech to check it out.

Tuesday night we headed for the world famous Cody Night Rodeo and had a great time watching all the different competitions. I took a boat load of pictures but as I was afraid, the light was so low they were all too blurred to post.

Wednesday, the mobile tech verified that the starting cap was fried but he didn't have a replacement so we authorized an overnight shipment and he arranged for one to be sent from Denver. We then went to the matinee showing of Cowboys and Aliens and enjoyed it very much. Much of scenery was similar to what we had passed through in New Mexico and Arizona.

Thursday we waited until the RV tech had come out and fixed the A/C before going anywhere. Believe it or not the overnight delivery was indeed overnight and the part fixed it. We then went to the McCullough Peaks Herd Management Area (HMA) to see if we could find some wild mustangs. They have about 100 there and we rode throughout the HMA hunting for them. We did see some fantastic scenery in the area they call the badlands. It looked a lot like the Painted Desert in Arizona in a few areas. We did finally find a small herd of Pronghorn Antelope and then a small herd of wild mustangs. They were about a mile away and after attempting to find a road to get closer, gave up and took the pictures from our original spot.

Tomorrow we leave for the Grand Tetons and Jackson, WY for three or four nights. We were going to go today but had to delay a day for the A/C repair.

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