Northeast and Maritime Canada 2011 travel blog

Tim and Micheal Getting Started at the Boat Museum

Tim and Andrea Start the Houseboat Tour

The Main Dining Room in the House Boat

Above the Piano Is This Skylight

Back To the Other Boats in the Museum

The Museum Repair Show--Lots of Wood

The Speed Boat Barn at the Museum

Clayton, NY, is a small town on the St. Lawrence Seaway that is wonderful to walk around. The Boat Museum is really great--lots of wooden boats that are beautiful to see as well as tour. We got a wonderful tour of a house boat built around 1900 that is being restored. The houseboat was built by Mr. Boldt who also built the Castle we will tour tomorrow. Remember the skylight in the houseboat--there is one in the Castle also. Mr. Boldt had over 60 boats at his Castle.

We walked around Clayton and visited the Rat Cheese Shop--got some cheese curds that are really great. In addition, Clayton is the place that Thousand Island Salad Dressing was invented. We bought some from the cheese shop and it was the best we have ever tasted. The Thousand Island dressing sold in the grocery stores is not half as good as the original recipe from Clayton, NY!

We had dinner at the Clipper Inn--nice and casual dress.

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