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The Big Apple which is smaller than the "Little Apple" from a...

Krispy Kreme, but the light wasn't on

Roadside pig - I wonder who Ryan is?

Winnie at Fort Chiswell

One of our neighbors at Fort Chiswell RV Park

Log Cabin Resaurant

We left Paradise Lake for Fort Chiswell today. We decided to stop at the Winnebago dealer in Salem, Va to see if we could get our hot water problem fixed. The folk's at Snyder's RV were able to fit us into the shop to have a look. The mechanic worked on Winnie at about noon, out on the asphalt parking lot with the air temperature in the low 90's. He didn't remove the HW heater as I thought he might have to. He put his head, shoulders, and arms into the compartment (maybe 18" wide) next to the water heater so he could change the check valve. I'm not sure how he fit in there, let alone manipulate his hands to disconnect a half-inch water line and replace the check valve, but he did it and we now have hot water again. No more walking to the shower room to get a shower.

We staying at Fort Chiswell RV Park. It's a step up from Paradise Lake because we have WiFi and Cable TV. It's located in an old pasture (see our neighbors) or farm field so trees and shade are sparse.

We went to Wytheville tonight for groceries and to find a Rite-Aid to get some prescriptions filled for Sue. Before shopping we had dinner at the Log House 1776 Restaurant. The food was great. It was in a building that had expanded from a log cabin that was built in 1776, b ut construction was interrupted when the man who lived there went to fight in the Revolutionary War. It has an interesting story in that over the years, it was variously used by workers in a nearby furniture factory whose signature piece was the Wytheville "pie safe" and was owned by a man who along with a freed slave who lived with him both fought for the Confederacy in the Civil War. Apparently ancestors of these two men still live in the area.

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