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We had another meeting tonight to get ready for camp. This time the meeting was with the group of people that will be the co-host for the time we are at camp. I didn't have a translator with me this time but I did understand some of the general things they discussed and of course they would speak in english if they needed me to provide feedback. It is nice to just be able to listen and try to pick up words sometimes instead of relying on a translator.

I also had a russian lesson from Dima and now know how to say "Give me my cup." I will probably say that the same amount of times I have needed to say "I will sleep on the beach."

A funny story is that during our meeting some Canadians came to Alpha and Omega. Someone introduced me, however they didn't tell them I was American. So they tried their best to speak to me in russian until I told them that I was american. :-)

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