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On Monday, Lori had her presentation and she ended up having to go get all her materials remade at some print shop in town an hour beforehand! While she was there FedEx called and I pretended I was Lori and bitched them out about how much money she spent on shipping it all and how it was suppose to be here last Wednesday. The girl was no help, and Lori decided she is going to “write a letter”. Haha

So I got up and went to San Gimignano in the Tuscany region. It was about a 2 hour train/bus ride. It was amazing! It was what I imagined Italy to look like! I loved the green vineyards and the old stone buildings. It remembered me of the scenery in the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun”. It was so peaceful and relaxing. I saw a lady make all the leather items in her shop. It was interesting. I went to the top of the tower and took pictures of the area. I had plans to meet Lori and her work friends for dinner so I had to hurry back. While I was at the bus stop I met this Older couple from England and they said how this is the town where a lot of the Politicians vacation in. He said the British Prime Minister comes here all the time to get away.

I met up with Lori and Rena in the town square of Florence. We were waiting for her friends so he walked around for a bit. There is a large black market here with all the fake purses. I saw one I like and decided to get it, It was a fake Louis Vouttion, but after I walked away, I had regret, so I went back to see if I could get my money back and of course he said no this is a black market, so instead I switched purses and got a fake black Prada purse. I liked it much better. Unfortunately though a couple days later, the Prada nameplate fell off, so I will have to reglue that on.  Oh well! That is what you get for spontaneous shopping!

The next day it was time to leave Florence, Lori and Rena were heading to Istanbul, Turkey for a friends wedding. Before we left though we decided to do a bit more shopping and do a wine tasting in the morning! It was great! We went back to get our luggage and I check my email quickly to get the hotel in Venice address, I ended up having a email from my brother that said, “lo siento, hope you are having fun in Italy.” That was it. I told Lori and she was shocked that a Lanigan apology happened within a week!! Normally it is months or years down the road! Haha

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