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Saludos! Please receive a warm and cordial greeting from the gentle metropolis of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, wishing you success in the realization of your delicate functions. I hope this correspondence finds you well and surrounded by loved ones in this time of great uncertainty. Refer to bible passage 43:28 Jeremias for guidance.

I know with the lacuna since my last entry you´ve been waiting anxiously on pins and needles for my annual diatribe about nothing. I´ve languished over re-engaging in this blog thingy. I finally motivated.

Actually, my research came close to never happening. On July 13 in the early morning hours, I arrived at LaGuardia Airport for my flight. I had a one-way ticket to Hondu. Despite having a tiny bag and never ever checking in luggage, I decided to check in my pack this year so I could bring a tall bottle of sunscreen. Bad idea! I already had my boarding pass and only needed to drop of my checked luggage. The lovely employees of Delta Airlines wouldn´t let me board the plane w/o a return ticket. I assured the Delta employees that it would be no problem to enter Hondu on a one-way ticket. For God´s sake hardly anyone visits Hondu; they are happy to take anyone they can get. Nevertheless, Delta Airlines wouldnt allow me to board, so after a few words, I purchased a $1060 return ticket. When I arrived in Hondu, I tried to cancel my ticket but the system was down. I was in a really good mood. I went in Tegucigalpa and returned to the airport the following day to cancel my $1060 ticket. I got a full refund. WINNING!

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