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We finally stirred and made getting-up-motions about 9:30 this morning! Can you believe we slept that late?

Glen found a car wash and gave the truck a bath. It was covered with traveling dirt/dust! Then looked in the back of the truck and decided to finally deflate the air mattress used at Alley Springs, throw away some saved boxes, look at the one suitcase we own. Ah-oh, a "boom box" had been stored in it and the batteries had leaked.

Note: add suitcase to the list! We actually have to pack to stay in the hotel! Also added to the list a new hair dryer. A trip to Target took care of those items.

We finally made it to my aunt's home shortly after lunch. We had a fantastic visit with Aunt Dell; met her new puppy...a 5-month old 65-pound long-haired German Shepherd! Aunt Dell also had fresh-off-the-tree Bing cherries for an afternoon snack! Tonight her neighbor, Patrick, who is an orchard laborer, brought a bag of Royal Ann Cherries...the absolute best kind of cherry, and Aunt Dell shared those with us. Patrick is busy now thinning apples, which is done by hand. Apples are thinned when they are about golf-ball sized.

Visiting time with Aunt Dell is short this stay, but we want to go through Mt. Ranier National Park as we travel to the Seattle area. We are leaving here in the morning. Mt. Ranier is between Yakima and Seattle.

More down the road!

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