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We got up early to get the RV ready to leave. They've asked all 3089 RVs to be gone from the fairgrounds by 11 am. Bob had made an appointment to have the RV weighed this morning at 11 am. But he's sure they'll show up early. We had the rig weighed on the way across the country, but this will give us the weight on each wheel. Apparently this is something that is important to know so that each tire can be properly inflated.

We're only driving 40 miles, so it was only about an hour drive. We had a few sprinkle on the drive but it really started to rain as we were checking in. Our check-in was not the friendliest welcome we've ever had. The lady at check-in couldn't find our reservation. When she asked when I made it, I said I didn't really know but it was at least 3 days ago (that the minimum advance time for reservations). We'd asked about availability at the Rally (they had a both). We couldn't get a straight answer on availability, they just wanted to talk about selling us a membership. So we came back to the RV and signed up through our Coast to Coast membership. So the lady says to me - there was suppose to be a black out this week. Well I have a reservation I replied. So she checks her computer and "finds" it. What I think is they handed out one night free passes at the rally...now I bet those come with a required sale pitch. So if we were taking up a site, that would have been one site that they could not use for someone who might buy a membership. And I'm sure they meant to black out this week but somehow it never got down on the computer...because the guy in front on me at check-in was also a Coast To Coast member.

Darby saw the green grass - the first in over a week - and really wanted to sit outside, but it was just raining to much. So she got to tinkle and then had to come back in.

We drove back to the nearest town, about 20 miles. Bob wanted to see the new Harry Potter movie and this was the first chance we've had to see it since it opened. Afterwards, we had some great hamburgers for dinner and then did a little (very little) grocery shopping.

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