This morning we left our RV park and traveled east again on Rt.2. This road has little traffic, no semi’s, few stretches of rough pavement and no construction so far. It parallels the US-Canada border. There are large circular hay bales every few yards along the sides of the road. Interesting that they don’t waste the grasses they cut along the roadsides but cut and bale it for livestock and leave most of the fields for free-ranging.

Why are these areas called ranches, but called farms in the east or Midwest? Look so similar with same type activities. Hmmmmmmmmmmm

Each ranch or piece of property appears to have every vehicle parked on their property that they and their families have ever owned. Must be a status symbol for people to know how many vehicles they were able to buy and own outright. Rusted vehicles and farm machinery lie everywhere almost hidden by overgrown weeds and grasses. Evidently salvage yards or tow truck businesses could not thrive out here. Some ranches have as many 30-50 vehicles lying around in various stages of disrepair and age. A history buff of the progression of vehicles could probably find everything he would need walking through the fields around here.

When we got close to ND this afternoon, the roads got rougher with lots of construction. The huge oil discovery in ND is quite visual. Lots of temp housing everywhere, oil vehicles everywhere you look and oil drills in every other field. Huge new buildings and equipment with the name Halliburton on it. Evidently the military industrial complex hasn't give these greedy contractors enough business. Glad we have found this new oil treasure and it has created lots of jobs up here but somehow I know it will only be big business that will profit.

On a really happy note---My liitle bird with the yellow breast that has followed me all over Florida and even to Alaska on our travels has been absent on this trip until today. Granted it is a different kind of bird but still a yellow breast. Mother seems to dress in the same fashion each time so I will recognize her. This bird hovered about 4 feet from where I was sitting in the RV flapping her wings almost to say. "look at me" and then posed quietly on a shrub about 8 feet away while I took her photo. Then she came back and hovered several seconds again flapping her wings by the window before she left. I don't know why but her appearance always gives me such a feeling of peace.

More later.

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