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Went out on a charter boat with Helen and Darren today to do our first Barra fishing, from Adelaide River it took 11/2 to drive to Daly River.

What a great day we had, after we meet mouse who lives at the Daly River pub and fishes all day(every mans dream life)(he used to live at cambo and we meet someone else on the river who used to live there also!)we went 45minutes up the croc filled river to his favorite spot(now ours) and trolled the river for the fish.(its where you cast in and the boat slowly moves up the river so the lures keep moving)he has a fish finder so he can tell where the snags are and usually where there are snags there are fish but it in the skill to get the fish not the tree.

Darren got the first fish, then Helen and then I got mine(it was to small- 55cm this is the legal size but they shrink when you bleed them, so he had to go back.Then the next one I caught was a keeper it was 65cm then at the of the day I got the big one!

You should have seen it jump out of the water, we all gasped it was big and I wanted to cry but I also didn't want it to spit out the lure so I keep winding in while the rod handle was embedded into my hip but I didn't care I just wanted to land it.

She was a good fighter and she weighed 12 kg and was 88cm long, I gave her a kiss, had some photos and said good bye and she was gone!( you have to release them if they are over 80cm because they turn into girls and become breeders.

I am pretty happy , I will get on Dads fishing wall of fame now!

She is the biggest fish I have ever caught, between us we took home 3 fish and had 2 meals from them, best tasting fish there is!

My hospitality class would be proud if they could see me skinning those fillets with a blunt knife!

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