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Live Aboard

Sea turtle


Clown fish

Wally the Napoleon Wrasse


Another fish

During my second day on the Great Barrier Reef I saw everything all over again, the clarity wasn't as good though and the current was a bit swifter. I guess I was able to see things from a different perspective, getting tossed and turned on the surface of the water. Some new things I saw include:


Goliath of a sea turtle

Wally the Napoleon Wrasse (he likes to follow you around)

Puffer fish

Angel fish

I even had our chef as my guide for one dive! He wasn't as good as David, but he was a decent guide.

There were a few downfalls to The Great Barrier Reef. It took quite the toll on my hair. We're talking rat's nest meets dread locks, not pretty! I was also really sore and had some gnarly blisters on my feet. There is also little protection from the sun and so I got some nice color and a blistered nose.

I stayed in for one of the dives. We had been on the go between being in the water and eating the amazing food. They scared me by telling me that the current was worse. I stayed on the sun deck and gawked at the nice view into the water from the boat. I could see lots of fish from the top of the boat. They made me feel guilty for not going out because they had an "A1" guide set up for me, but when they got in and said they didn't see much of anything I didn't feel so bad.

My two days on The Great Barrier Reef was like a treasure hunt, searching for things as they camouflaged into their surroundings. By the time I left The Great Barrier Reef I was already thinking about when I could come back and possibly even get certified to do scuba diving. It was just cool to see a whole new world right there before your eyes.

For future reference I guess we were on Norman Reef, Saxon Reef and possibly Hastings Reef.

My stay on the Great Barrier Reef ended all too soon, but I was more than excited for the next morning as we were scheduled to pick up our rental car nice and early.

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