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Sunset at Dakotah Meadows

Finally,,,, Walleye!

A day at Minnehaha Falls

This is as full as we have seen the falls

Mall of America

Our home before we went on the road

A day strawberry picking ... Oh so good and I have lots...

My second born niece Gail

Such a great day

Gail and her husband Dennis are celebrating their 40th anniversery this year

Crossing the Missouri River.. It is sooo full

South Dakota sunflowers

Al's Oasis's - 5 cent coffee

Just a teaser of more to come

SURPRISE: Here we are again….

It is really hard to write about things that you have been repeating for several years so for the time we were in Minnesota we decided to lay off the re-runs….

The first thing that we did was to drive to Willmar to see Bill’s Mom in the nursing home… What a shock it was for us… Sure she had her 90th birthday while we were in Florida but she had really gone downhill.. She no longer eats anything so they feed her supplements’ and she is down to skin and bones… We were not sure if she knew us or not but after awhile talking to her we asked her and she did say Bill’s name….This is so hard and I know many of you have been through this. I know I have seen my share while working in an assisted living facility for several years but it is not the same when it is your own…

The rest of our time was spent visiting with our family and friends again in both the Minneapolis area and Duluth… We did more trips to Willmar , had a funeral to go to for one of Bill’s Aunts and just laid back for a lot of the time… I will have to go through the pictures to remember all that we did but most of it was what we always do in Minnesota.

I have to tell you that one of the highlights of our time home was thru facebook, where I heard from two nieces’ that I have not seen in well over 50 years… These gals were the first grandchildren to my parents and of course my first niece’s.. We all just adored them but of course as so often happens, my brother and sister-in law were divorced and they moved away from us… My brother moved to California and had another family but died at age 50 and we never connected with his two first born… I will regret that the rest of my life.. The youngest daughter must have felt the same void as I did because she found me on facebook and we made plans to meet at a half way point from both of us…What a wonderful experience… How do you catch up on 55 yrs? One hug did it all.. Thanks Gail… I can’t tell you how much we love you and Cindy and your darling Mother …. You made a wonderful choice 40 years ago with finding Dennis and we just love him too.. We did not get to see Cindy yet but that is a must and you can bet we will pursue it when we get back there in September…

We left the Minneapolis area on July 8th and made our way to Willmar one more time to say good-bye to Mom… Not sure if she knew we were there but the next day we traveled southwest to Bill’s sisters area.. We stayed the night at the county park right across the lake from her and had a wonderful time being with them… Thanks again Elaine and Arless for the nice meal and family time….

Elaine and Arless live quite close to the South Dakota border so it wasn’t long before we were in our last home state… It was kind’a sad to think that we were no longer Sodaks, which was what we called ourselves when we first made SD our domicile state… Remember we changed to Floridians early this year but we still use the South Dakota mail forwarding service as our address and have them forward it to us whenever we ask. That is how we get our mail when we are “On the Road”….Even when we are in our place in Florida we still use SD as our mailing address and when we are there we just have them forward it to Florida once a week… Saves going thru all the mail changes and since we do almost everything on-line, we do not get a lot of mail..

Our first day in South Dakota was spent in Mitchell at a great Passport America park called R&R something right in back of the Super 8 Motel, but before we even registered we went to the Cabella’s for lunch… If you haven’t been to Cabella’s you don’t know what you are missing…It is on the line of the Bass Pro Shop’s but everyone is a bit different… Well to our surprise, they no longer had the buffet here so we found a great restaurant called Whiskey ???? Darn, I knew I shouldn’t have waited so long to do this blog… Anyway, you can’t miss it… It is right in front of the Menard’s parking lot…. Good choice and super food…

Next day found us in one of our favorite places again.. We spent the night in the Badlands National Park…. Oh how we love this NP…. Sadly we had a real rainy night so didn’t get to do the drive in the sunset this time but we did get up at 5am to try for the sunrise drive…

We are so far behind with this story that I will end it here now and put pictures up before we continue… Now that we are on the road again, I will post a lot more often…

Thanks for sticking with us…..


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