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Jam-Packed car for the drive down to Salerno

View of the city from Nonna Alma's rooftop terrace

Fish market in Salerno


Outside of Nonna Alma's house

Serena in Salerno

Katie in Salerno

Ciao from Salerno! I am so excited that we have finally made it down to Southern Italy, where Serena’s family is from. Alessio, Serena, and I spent all day Friday driving from Milano all the way down to Salerno.

It is supposed to only be about an 8 hour trip, but it ended up taking us close to 11 hours because of terrible traffic and accidents the whole way down. The ride was actually a lot of fun though. Mom – the non drowsy Dramamine you got me is a life saver! I haven’t been carsick once this entire trip. We spent the whole ride talking, listening to music, and playing road games. It was so funny to listen to American music with Alessio because he would be singing along with the words, but have no idea what he was saying. I obviously did the same with the Italian raps we listened to!

Serena and I got to her Nonna Alma’s house late Friday night. Nonna Alma is Serena’s dad’s mom, and she has come to America a few times, so I have already met her. She had a delicious feast prepared for us, since we hadn’t eaten since lunch! Nonna Alma’s house is absolutely unbelievable. It is nothing like I was expecting.

Most houses in Italy are tiny, with small hallways and small bedrooms and even small kitchens. Nonna Alma’s house is, without exaggeration, a MANSION! It is just about the same size as my house in Howard County, and for Italy, that is an extremely huge house. Nonna lives in it all by herself, so she was very excited to have us for a few days.

We spent the first day in Salerno just hanging out and relaxing. We went into the city of Salerno in the morning, and walked all around the downtown area and the boardwalk.

The people in the South are definitely much more laid back than in Milano. We didn’t go to the beach on the first day, because Serena says the beaches in Amalfi are much, much better than in Salerno. We ate a big dinner with Nonna that night too – fresh fish sautéed with olive oil and lemon. So simple, yet so delicious!

It was my first time eating fish with the bones still on and everything, so Nonna taught me how to clean the meat out of the fish. After dinner, Serena and I headed back to the city and walked around a bit and had some drinks before meeting Alessio and some of his friends for a bit.

We didn’t stay out too late though, because we had to leave at 8:40am the next morning to head to Amalfi!!

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