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The village of La Fresneda

The hills in the distance

The next village

Almond and Olive Trees

We try to walk to the old city of Andorra but have trouble finding it so we return to collect Louis and set out for Spain.

It seems only minutes before we cross the border – no stop at the actual border but we are stopped for customs that only ask if we have alcohol and cigarettes from Andorra. The answer is negative.

Immediately the scenery changes from the wonderful Pyrenees to a much dryer almost arid country. It is amazing the landscape can change so instantly. Now an almost white sandy soil, rocky mountains scattered with trees. At first citrus and fruit trees which eventually give way to olive and almond trees.

Quite a few large dams with canal branching out to the various orchards. Towns and villages just appear out of nowhere.

We stop at one major town to visit the supermarcat for lunch supplies and then continue to our stop for the night at La Fresneda.

La Fresneda is a very small village, built as usual on a hill. On the top are the ruins of an old church or castle – I haven’t discovered which yet. Our hacienda is on one of the narrow streets, at least one wall in our rooms are old stonewalls although the facilities are quite modern. In fact one side of the shower stall is a stone wall.

We unload our belongings and then go for a drive to find the horse-riding place we had seen mentioned.

This takes us to another village and as there are no signs we drive around on the off chance we can find something. This leads us through the most narrow of roads through the old part of the village – not sure what we would have done if a vehicle had come the other way.

This road leads us to other rural roads and eventually we find a sign to horse stables.

Turns out the stables are owned by and English lady who has lived in Spain for seven years.

There is not time to go on a trail ride but she offers Kim a lesson tomorrow before we head off again.

That settled we return to La Fresneda and try to find a restaurant for tea. Most are closed as it is Monday night but we do come across a bar that offers Tapas – a great selection.

Afterwards we climb through the village to the ruins on the top of the hill to watch the sunset at 9.30pm. At least the sun is setting earlier as we go south.

Quite like this little village stuck in the middle nowhere and with very few foreign tourists. Have no idea what they do for a living.

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