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We had a break from the summer heat this week; clear skies, low humidity, and daytime temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s. As a result we took full advantage of our new outdoor furniture and the lovely shade tree. It reminded us of the summer of ’09 that we spent in Anacortes, WA.

The heat is expected to return this coming week so the A/C will be back on the job. To our pleasant surprise the electric bill for the past 30 days during the heat was only $112; not bad for running fans and/or A/C for most of the day. I wonder what it would have been if the park was equipped with solar power.

I emailed my dear friend Rod at SunPower to begin the process to re-examine the feasibility of some type of system here at Jojoba. He will be discussing it with the appropriate people in the company. Also he agreed to arrange a meeting with Sarah, our Board Chair, and me in late September when she and her husband are en route to Jojoba from their summer place in Washington State. By then we should have a better sense of whether this idea has economic merit.

As this week passed by I finally had a sense of being settled; there is a feeling of increasing routine and familiarity. We are getting into the flow of life at the park (aka resort) and acquainted with more people every day; many now call us by name. We are learning the Jojoba culture and happenings around here. We are each into a routine with our respective volunteer assignments i.e. Channel 3 and the library. I plan to join the Budget Committee in October, the start of our annual cycle when most have returned from their summer travels. When you want to find out what’s important, “follow the money.”

After a nice swim last Sunday I had three hour-long workouts in the gym (MWF). I’m trying hard to stick with a regular schedule which isn’t easy for me. I struggle sometimes getting there but I feel good when I’m finished. Lynda took it fairly easy this week with physical activity due to a sore foot. She is fearful of reliving her stress fracture experience from ballroom dancing years ago. She has a doctor’s appointment next Friday.

Ron, our handyman, built the stairs to our rig; although I need to do some final finishing, they are a dramatic improvement over the steep steps we’ve climbed for the past 3-1/2 years. I also got our new propane BBQ set up on the patio. All that remains is getting the tank filled on Tuesday and we’ll be ready for some outdoor cooking. I haven’t cooked much on “the grill” for the past 15 years.

This coming week all the needed repairs to the rig should be completed. We decided to have the three relatively small (and not very obvious) body miscues repaired since the transport company is paying for half. Also we’ll have the window panel replaced and a new kitchen faucet installed. Then next weekend Ron will return to wash and wax our home. Hopefully, that will be it in the maintenance department for a long while.

After that, the only remaining projects that we envision for our home space is the construction of the patio under the tree and a professional pruning of the tree. Ron will build the patio by spreading the gravel currently covering this area to designated spots and putting down brick pavers. Pruning the tree has yet to be arranged, but the head of the Landscape Committee who has a degree in forestry may be our source.

While I compose this missive Rick and Deb have just boarded a cruise ship in Miami for a tour of the Western Caribbean. They are joined by Deb’s sister Angie and her husband and two boys for the week-long holiday with stops in Cozumel and the Caymans. This is the ideal way for them to travel given Rick’s physical limitations from Multiple Sclerosis (MS). With their normal hectic schedules the cruise should provide a welcome rest. Rick loves a challenge and was busy programming a light board for “Peter Pan” at a local little theater. He had never put a spot on a moving target or done thunder and lightning and a campfire but he was up for the challenge.

Also this coming week son David begins a part-time culinary course to “learn some of the basics that he has missed during his self-taught learning.” He dreams of opening his own restaurant somewhere before too, too long. It may be in El Salvador or another Latin America venue. He knows he is not yet ready, so this course is another step on his/their journey.

Betty seems to be doing well with her recovery from heart surgery, but she had a serious setback when she tripped over a garden hose and broke her nose. Luckily her chest cavity was sufficiently healed but her blood thinning medication resulted in substantial bleeding. After the plastic surgeon repaired her nose she had a second bleeding episode that required another trip to the ER. We’ll know more about her condition in a few days. This is a true bummer for a woman who was always on the go!

Speaking of journeys, this RV Journey (or adventure) is about to come to an end; thus, so is this particular journal. Although we are still living in our RV we could just as well be living in a house in one of the many senior communities across the country. Continuing to write about day-to-day living here at Jojoba Hills isn’t of much interest to me and it surely would be pretty dull compared with our nearly four year adventure. Besides I have other writing of greater priority; notably my family history, and, if I live long enough and have the energy, a book about my philosophy of organizational performance and effective leadership.

Since we foresee continuing extensive travel in the coming years, starting next spring or summer, I will continue writing about these as they occur. With continuing good health and adequate financial resources we anticipate spending several extended periods in Europe (generally in the summer), a multi-month visit to New Zealand and Australia (most likely the winter of 2012/2013), trips to South America and Africa, and more. If you wish to be notified of these by e-mail when we make updates to this web site, please let us know. You can do that by clicking on "Request Update Notices" link in the upper right hand corner of this page.

As for this particular journal, I anticipate two or three more additions including one about our reflections. In addition, I plan to turn this blog into a book. My expectation is that it will be a self-published limited edition that is largely the two hundred or so entries as they were written. The book is intended to be a memory piece for us, our family and a few friends. Should additional interest occur I’ll probably set a price equal to the cost of printing and binding.

I anticipate that our international travels during this 3-1/2 year period will not be included but reserved for a future travel edition; the trip to El Salvador for David and Cris’ wedding is a likely exception. We plan to seriously restrict the number of photographs to the most essential for the story. I do plan to write a new Introduction that provides the background that led us to this “wild ride,” as well as some contextual pieces for the various chapters. Again, for any of you, who wish to receive a copy, please send me an email at

So there you have it. Our adventure that started to become real in June, 2007 and physically commenced on November 5, 2007 is now about over. Several members of our family and friends couldn’t believe what we were about to do; some gave us six months or less on the road. Are we sorry we did it? Absolutely not! Would we have done it had we known what it would entail? Probably not! I’ll say more about these questions in the “Reflections” chapter.

As our friend Ed says at the end of his blog entries, “Life is good!” Thankfully it is again for he and Marilyn since they are back in Colorado in a new Mobile Suites fifth-wheel after their former one went up in smoke. Settling here at Jojoba Hills allows us to echo that phrase out loud! Hopefully, it applies to each of you as well.

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