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So today its been organised that I get to do part of the driving test that the Swedes do as part of getting their driving test. I had no idea what to expect and was quite excited about doing this. Its conducted at the local race track so I was hoping it would involve a few hot laps but sadly no.

It is more of a safety and awareness course and was really quite interesting as it was all practical tests and no real theory (apparently that is a different day that is all theory- glad I wasnt included in that!) But they strapped us into a seat that travels at just 7km an hour so you can experience the impact of coming to a dead stop and also into a car that does a complete 360 spin onto its roof and shows you how to get out of your car if you end up on the roof.

There was also info of what to do if you come accross an accident with someone trapped in a car. They also showed us the tv adverts from Australia (TAC)about the difference just 5km an hour can make in avoiding an accident and all this is compulsary in getting your licence in Sweden along with a first aid course.

After all that then they go and put us all out in our own cars so we can drive and see breaking distances at different speeds and different surfaces etc. Was really quite good and the instructor was great as he did the whole lesson for me in english but I did feel a little bit bad for the two students that were there going for their licence for real having to do it all in english instead of swedish, and I was there just for fun.

I passed and they printed up a diploma for me which was nice of them but the instructor was funny as he was constantly making comments about how similar it would be in Australia like when we drive we would constantly have to look out for kangaroos like they have to look out for moose and driving on ice in Sweden is the same as driving on our roads during summer- you know with all the red dirt blowing over them all the time and things like that. It really is interesting hearing everyones idea of what goes on in Australia and how we are all like crocodile dundee......

That night we had dinner at Jens mums house and leif (yes that is spelt right)cooked an oven baked fritz dish covered in cheese. I had never had that before but actually didnt mind it. Not sure how healthy it is but tasted nice.

Jens mum gave her her 30th birthday present that she tried to send to Australia but never made it. It was the biggest bag of Swedish lollies ever! Not sure if we would get it through customs on the way back to Australia so we have been pigging out big time on it (some more than others ....right Jen?)

Headed back to Marie and Michaels and had a couple beers and called it a night. Not game to drink over here as their drink driving limit is just 0.02 and driving someone elses car on the wrong side of the road- not even just one with dinner so its quite new for me but I seem to be surviving.....

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