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A look back toward Madison Valley from the road to Virginia City

Virginia City

An old house in Virginia City

We finally found a home we can afford

Pat strolling the boards

See my new cowboy hat?

Storm brewing

Montana Sky

Montana Sky

View of the Palisades

Last day off before we go back to work. Tuesday it was storming all day and we worked around the inside of the coach all day and into the evening.

Tuesday conversation:

Hey Honey, can I get you anything?

No Sweetie, can I get you anything?

Wednesday Pat had class and then student work to grade. Around 1:00 we were able to drop sewer, electric, and cable connections, bring in the slides, raise the jacks, pack up the interior, fire up the genny and take off for a to exercise the rig every five or six weeks. Drove about 15 miles then came back to town, topped off the fuel tank, went to the propane center and filled up, then returned to our spot and set up again. This was a lot of work, and by the time we were done we were hungry, tired, and two days of our three days off were gone.

Wednesday afternoon conversation:

Get out of my XXX XXXX way!

Kiss my XXX!

So Wednesday night we went to The Geyser, drank beer and ate pizza. Our first pizza in almost eight weeks!

Wednesday night conversation:



Thursday morning (today) we decided we would go to Virginia City. We had been told it was a great place, but knew nothing more than that. We drove out through Ennis (we reported on that town once before) after stopping there for a sandwich. It's 14 miles from there to Virginia City...what a cool ride. A few miles outside of town the road climbed a thousand feet above the valley floor, and we had an opportunity to look back over the Madison Valley....great view!

Before we knew it we were in Virginia City....and what a great place it is. It is one of the few western towns that never had a major fire, so most of the buildings are from the mid to late 1800s. Some antique shops, some clothing, some food, but NO FRANCHISES. It had hailed when we drove through Ennis, it rained while we were in VC. It was also fairly cold, probably mid 50s. But GREAT one store I found another belt buckle (which will definitely pass as having been won at a rodeo) and a cowboy hat that is so cool I'm never going to take it off!...and it's so big Pat doesn't need an umbrella when she walks next to me in the rain. I think it has its own zip code!

Too soon we had to leave and head home (too soon because I had spotted these great boots..). On the way we were treated to low, gray clouds pressing right down on the mountains. We also stopped at an area we had seen on the way out called The Palisades. Very neat, but popular with bears so we looked then left.

Back home, happy and tired...and getting ready to meet some friends for breakfast tomorrow at a beautiful place on the Madison River. Then off to goes on.


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