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We took our time this morning, getting ready to leave.

Several folks stopped by to ask about the RV. “Yes, it is new.” “Yes we are full-timers.” “Five years now”. “Well our other home burned, etc, etc, etc”.

It was 10 minutes after 8:00 when we left the RV Park.

The temperatures climbed slowly but steadily to the 100 degree mark. It was only 94 when we arrived at “High Plains Campground” in Oakley, Kansas, where Mary, the owner, recognized us and checked us in, assigning us the same site we had the last two or three times we have stopped here.

We had been on the road only 4 ½ hours today, but it seemed longer than that. Western Kansas lacks in scenic beauty just a bit, as does eastern Colorado. Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder so I am speaking only for myself there. LOL

One thing which tickled me was a sign outside the west Kansas town of Wakeeny. It said, "Eat, Get Gas, and Sleep in Wakeeny".

We had mentioned that sign after a previous trip but it is good enough to bear repeating.

With the new “Easy Level Up” system it takes only 20 minutes or so to be completely set up, with the A/C units on, pumping cold air into the RV.

Leveling the RV is a snap with that new system.

However we did discover that the hydraulic leak is back, on the same actuator as before.

I will try to fix it myself once we reach Mountaindale tomorrow.

Marilyn & I walked next door to the restaurant end enjoyed the buffet meal there. It was really good with all of the hot food, hot, and the cold items crisp and cold. Delicious!

I then drove into town to a NAPA Auto Parts Store to purchase a 15/16” socket for the lug nuts on the wheels, and a spare bottle of Dextron III hydraulic fluid. It is really transmission fluid but that is what they use in the hydraulic system on Mobile Suites.

We purchased some Lemon ice cream (My favorite) and a couple of books at the Camp Store and returned to the RV, after a short stop to top off the fuel in the truck at $3.989 per gallon.

Can you spell RIP OFF?

We do have some pictures for you, so I’ll get those posted today.

We sure look forward to arriving at our summer home tomorrow and seeing the smiling faces of our friends.

Life is Good!

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