Bull Summer Trip 2011 travel blog

Columbia River along the Lewis and Clark Trail

Scenery along the highway

Lots of windmills along the top of the hill tops

Only green spot along the Columbia River

Heading into the canyon

Again into the canyon

Great cliffs

Stuff that looks like tumble weed

More neat cliffs

Dam on the John Day River

Even more cliffs

Into another canyon



Found some "trees"

RV's coming and going

Snow covered mountain - probably Mount Hood

Sign of the day - ever seen a stop sign in the...

Lake in a large canyon near our camp ground

Another view

Another view

Another snow covered mountain

One of the plants that look like sage

If I don't move, they can't see me!!!

Maybe they still can't see me.

Eating is good for me

One more bite and then I'll run


More of the lake and canyon

Lake and canyon

Canyon and lake - one more view

We traveled 177 miles today - just 26 miles to Redmond and our RV rally tomorrow. We found a pleasant rest stop around 1:30 and had a relaxing lunch. Got into the campground around 3:30.

The lady at check-in was most welcoming and called me by name when I walked in the door. We have a nice site at the end of a row and the trees are full of birds - I think they're chickadees. They haven't shut up since we got here.

After Bob got to see the USA women's soccer team beat France in world cup competition, we took a drive to see a local lake in a deep canyon. We ran into a mule deer with a "broken" ear that wouldn't stay up.

Then we headed back and had a nice dinner. We've decided to get up early and try to check into the rally as soon as possible.

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