Mayan 1930 art deco cinema Denver CO

inner city house DenverCO

Plaque at Denver Union Station recalling railway 1870 uniting the country

Waiting room seats for giants Denver CO

Denver Union Station

Denver murals...mmmmmmm I am parched

These murals are making me thirsty!

Elvis in Dallas

African slave memorial

African slave memorial Dallas


Negro from same memorial

Me on Mckinley trolley car Dallas

Texas schoolbook repository from my hotel

Downtown Dallas

Downtown public housing

Downtown Dallas Chapel of St Jude

St Jude chapel altar mosaic

Looking heavenwards out the front of the chapel

Dallas streetscape

JFK Memorial plain and simple

Some Blues legend's banjo

My old party outfit!! KKK!!!

Boots made for walking like aTexas Ranger

22nd November 1963 headlines

Decadent negro jazz movie

View of my hotel the Lawrence from the grassy knoll

View of the old courthouse from the grassy knoll

grassy knoll cars driving over the spot bullets hit the motorcade

Old Courthouse 1892

grassy knoll 3

grassy knoll 4

grassy knoll 5

looking from the knoll back towards the schoolbook repository

graffitti on paling fence atop the grassy knoll

more graffitti on paling fence

atop the rassy knoll behind the picket fence where there was supposedly...

carpark behind the knoll

Hotel Lawrence

Moon and illuminated dandelion tower outside my window

again outside my window shimmering in 30c heat at night reflective skyscraper

all 3 lighted objects

dandelion and the moon

hall window of my hotel looking at Sth Houston street and the...

cool bottom while i walked about in 100F

story of negro migrations to Texas after the civil war

Denver housing

Well my journey starts again....it is Wednesday 13th July ....i thought things had got off to a bad start when the shuttle bus driver who came to pick me up looked just like the corrupted chemistry teacher from Being Bad! New season kicks off tonight in the states....my fruitless dash across the USA from stifling Dallas Texas to chilly San Francisco via risky Las Vegas was for naught i got to the check in gate 12 minutes before the flight was due to leave....they re booked me...as a wait list on the following night's flight....i had to find a place to sleep and there being some amazing event in SFO all places seemed to be full....a wonderful lady on a help line took one hour plus to found me place $149 a half night....USD$336 for 18 hours lodgings plus $64 transport costs....i knew one place that was located in the middle of downtown SFO with lots of individual rooms able to house hundreds...it's name ALCATRAZ!

Sadly it is time to head for home after 4 months away at this time i find it hard to believe what i missed...the last launch of the shuttle...Atlantis....in this the 150th anniversary of the outbreak of the Civil War..(and in a personal note the Unification of Italy...well all except for Rome ~~ which was achieved in 1870) .today deniers say the cause was States rights over Federal might...no mention of slavery...WOW these are probably the same enlightened deep thinkers who admire Palin and the Tea Party who deny there was a moon landing and who accept Creationism....against Wade Vs Roe...who still believe in the domino principle as a justification for interfering in the politics and lives of South East Asians/Central Americans....who think cars that give 21 mpg are amazingly fuel efficient who believe in the right of individuals to bare arms like rpg's machine guns...who believe universal health care is Socialism =anything to help one's fellow man must be charity a hand out...from an individual if the state gets involved to make it more than a knee jerk response when people are guilted into giving by a good sermon or poignant pictures on TV.........if the Govt does it it's Communism......

Yet as I fly over the great lands of Texas,Arizona,New Mexico,Oklahoma, Nevada, California,Utah and see the wide open spaces(empty spaces) i think wow what a great place to test nuclear weapons and reverse engineer alien space technology....the bounty and plenty on display in supermarts the choice, all the foreign born (mainly Latino workforce engaged in hospitality, building,health care etc) while the barriers to keep others from enjoying this lands benefits and wealth.....

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