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Tomorrow night I am going to try to take the bus to Lisboa, Portugal. But for tonight I am still in Spain. My hostel has air con. I sleep happily every night. In my dorm is a Czech student doing research on the Spanish economic crisis, and a Polish flamenco dancer and her mother. It is quite an interesting room. They are some of the nicer roommates I have had. I am very haapy to say that this is going to be my last night in a dorm for a while. More often than not I end up with really ruder roommates, and after 3.5 months almost I have reached my limit. I was spoiled by the 3 nights in Granada in my own room. So for Lisbon I have booked accomodation in a university dormitory (a single room) with shared bath for 4 nights. Yeah!!! It runs about 25 euro/night. I have also booked a single with shared bath in Madrid for 4 nights that averages out to about 22 euro/night. Along with 2 nights on buses that should get me to Mexico where accomodation is a bit cheaper. One good thing I can say about the hostels here in Europe, is that I have not seen any cockroaches (although some of them were really nasty).

Okay Sevilla. It is much bigger than either Cordoba or Granada but still quite cheap. It has the third largest church in the world, and it is quite beautiful inside. There is also the Alcazar, an old Moorish castle that is huge and really beautiful. It also has a really famous bullfighting ring that is really amazing.

Of the main Andalusian cities Granada, Cordoba and Sevilla, I think Cordoba is the most quaint with its winding alleyways and old Jewish quarter. Granada is great for cheap shopping. And Sevilla has more of the big city vibe, with a little of everything. Though I hear that the flamenco here is the best in Spain. I am going to try to check it out tonight.

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