We had a great day in the park today

Yellowstone Wagon Ride

Yellowstone Store





Buffalo are all over the park

Yellow Jammer

Our picnic area

Yellow-Bellied Marmots

The huge bull moose

Another view


Baby buffalo

Wolf or Coyete

Another view


Last one!

Today we packed up a picnic lunch and headed to Yellowstone National Park, this time the Northeast entrance.

We were on a mission to see some wildlife, and were not disappointed. :-) The first sightings were a lot of deer along the road, then we saw one buffalo laying in the grass. Next, we stopped at a beautiful picnic area along a stream and saw a huge bull moose. This time I was able to zoom him in and get at least a descent photo.

We have been looking for moose since the last sighting in Alaska in 2008. We have driven through Maine and even Nova Scotia and other parts of Canada where they are suppose to be abundant, with no luck. We are in shock seeing two in Montana in the last week. :-) I screamed "Moose" and everyone in the picnic area ran for binoculars and cameras. It was really exciting to watch this huge fellow.

We also saw hundreds of buffalo, a wolf or coyote, not sure which yet, several elk and antelopes, plus a family of Yellow Bellied Marmots and a Horned Lark and many other birds. Not bad for a day in the park. :-) We are going to love spending a month near Yellowstone.

More later from Montana and Wyoming.

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