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Mom waiting......

Still waiting!!!

Mom looks like Smurf!

She is BLUE all over

Normal Sinus Rythem............yahoo!!!!

We arrived at Intermountain Medical Center at our appointed time. We arrived up in the room at 8:30 They gave Mom a cute little gown and did all the vitals. Now, this cute little gown would have swam on me. It was huge.

Mom sat, laid and walked and finally they came for her ar 12:30 Now I sat, walked and watched TV for 5 hours. I was getting very nervous when they finally rolled her in at 5:30

She was in so much pain. After laying on a slab for 5 hours, her back and neck were in spasms. They could not give her any pain meds until the anthesia wore off. They did allow me to rub some Voltaren gel on her neck and back.

She went to surgery with one IV and she wasn't back 10 minutes and the nurse was placing 2 more lines as the ordered meds could not be given together.

The night was long, way long. No sleep for either of us but her heart is in Normal Sinus rythem. It is a good day.

Until next time........

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