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We slept well but were awake pretty early, ready to get out of our RV so that the folks could begin working on the king bed.

They arrived a few minutes before 8:00 and we were ready to leave.

We drove off to have some breakfast at Cracker Barrel, where we took our time, lingering over our morning coffee, until we felt that we really should leave and give up our table.

Marilyn had shopping on her mind, which just made my day! Right!

First on her agenda was Hobby Lobby where she found some plants to go on the two tables at the ends of our sofa.

We looked around for awhile but needed to return to Wheels RV to unload stuff from the truck so that we could get the truck washed.

Sure enough, the forecast is for rain for the next two days, so we are bound to get it while we travel. Murphy’s Law I guess.

We traded the two chairs taken out of our RV for two nice reclining lounge chairs for outdoors.

Marilyn wants a floor lamp between our two recliners in the living room, but we have not found what she likes. She says the lighting is not as good as it was in the other RV we had.

So we drove the few miles to Fayetteville to visit the Home Depot. Now there is a store I can enjoy!

Marilyn makes fun of me about Home Depot, saying things like….”Oh, I know how you like to walk through Home Depot, feeling all the screws, and bolts and things. Oh look there’s a hammer! How exciting!” and on and on and on….

I pay no attention to her and enjoy looking at all kinds of things. I see lots of things I need or at least want when I am in there.

Oh well, I want you dear readers to know that we didn’t find a floor lamp which tripped Marilyn’s trigger, so we drove a short distance to a newly opened restaurant called “Buck Nekkid BBQ”.

It is a cowboy joint with BBQ, beans, rice and other side dishes, along with country music, beer and soft drinks. (We both ate with our clothes on and chose iced tea to drink). LOL

We did find two nice plants, buying one for Christie, as a small token of thanks for the great service we’ve had here at Wheels RV.

We gave Christie a Coral Cactus, but the big find of the day was a small “Pony-Tail Palm” which Marilyn was very excited over. She had babied our other one for four years and then it was gone in the fire.

She is so happy to have another one because they are hard to find.

We will have pictures of all the things being done to the RV once we get to a place where we can relax, like Colorado.

We’ll also post a picture of the Pony-Tail Palm for those of you who enjoy that sort of thing.

As for us, we are looking forward to leaving here sometime tomorrow afternoon, but that could change as the time gets closer.

We never know for sure about that but we do know that ……… Life is Good!

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