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This past week has been a work week. Doing things that we either have put off or I just didn't want to do.

Over the weekend, we purchased the supplies to do the oil change on the generator. I also decided to do the spark plugs, air filter and fuel filter. A mechanic I am not but I was sucessful in my endevor ans I saved at least 100.00

Next, after a trip to Harbor Freight for the correct size socket, I was able to remove our lazy boy chair out of the living room. Getting it out the door is another story but we did it!

We purchased some plexiglass to put in front of the new screen that I replaced after Morbo destroyed it. He has decided that he wants to see the great outdoors again. NOT!

I got the motorhome washed and Mom waxed the Bay doors. We have reorganized under the bed

and thrown a lot of things in the garbage.

I have another list for next week, but first I have to go to American Fork for a Cigna event.

Until next time...

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