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So much has changed. On our way for Mom's Orthopedic doctors appt we drove through my old neighborhood. How depressing. I learned a valuable lesson...you can't go back. I had such a beautiful yard. I had Rose bushes running the whole north side of my house. Barrie helped me year after year with them and now they are all DEAD. I was in tears.

We continued through the city and I took pictures of the remodeling of Valley Fair Mall and the new Trax connecting West Valley to Salt Lake City.

Then we drove by Kristina and Barrie's High School, which now will be rebuilt and the old tore down. I am sure this will take a couple of years, but they have there priorities right. The new football field is in!!!

Off to see Dr Dennis Gordon. He is the man who puts Humpty Dumpty back together again.

Due to pain in Mom's hip, Ross gave her a injection. She had tears running down her face.

Ross says this should help and make this bearable! I hope he is right. Also ordered was a done density scan, CT and mammogram and a return visit in a few weeks.

Off we go, we deserve lunch. We have been wanting Sesame Chicken and there is only one place. We walk in, they have remodeled and we mention this. Oh, we bought the other family out along with the name. She goes on to tell us that if we liked there chicken, we will love theres. She was trying to hard, we should have ran. But no, Val falls for this and orders.........Wrong. It was so bad, we threw it away and left. Everything changes.......not always for the better.

Until nest time..........

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