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The Columbia River Wetlands

The peak peeks above the clouds

The choo-choo goes around the rock bend.

We left Fort Steele a little earlier than we had planned but we wanted to beat the rain. It was a lovely ride on a nice quiet two-lane road. We stopped a couple of times to get Foxy out and kill a little time so we wouldn’t get to the campground too early.

We arrived just about noon time and had a less than easy time finding our way into the park. There is a major road construction project on TCH 1 and it made it a little difficult to figure out where exactly the turn-off to the frontage road was. Luckily, our instincts were good and we turned the correct way and found our home for the next four nights at Whispering Spruce Campground.

We got checked in, had lunch, and took Foxy for a walk. Then Joe had to do a little troubleshooting on the Jeep tow lights. When we tow, the directional lights are supposed to work on the Jeep as well as the motor home. Today, when we did our light and roll safety check, the left tail light on the Jeep wouldn’t work. Since we had a short ride and only one left turn to make, we decided to go on and Joe fixed it here; it took a good bit to diagnose since it was a broken pin. Now, we’re good to go again.

The mosquitoes followed us here and the rain found us too. We had an easy afternoon and decided to go out for BBQ dinner at Fire Pit Smokehouse. The food was really good other than Joe’s baked potato was undercooked; they remedied that quickly enough.

We also received a call from a gentleman at Border Control who had been assigned to investigate our complaint about the unpleasant border crossing we experienced at Roosville. He was very helpful, demonstrated concern about our experience, and agreed he would submit a request to get the proper clearance posted so the next high-profile RV’er wouldn’t experience what we did. His call certainly made us feel a whole lot better that the Canadian Border authorities care about what goes on, pay attention to the comments, and they want to make visitors feel welcome when they come to Canada.

We’re hoping for some nice weather so we can enjoy this beautiful mountain area over the next few days.

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