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We visit the supermarket in Ladarvac to get provisions – we have been warned that there will not be any more supplies for two days. The supermarket is huge, a mix of Big W and Woolworths. Hard to believe in this small town.

Our first stop today is Nerac where there is another market this morning. We arrived just in time as it closes at lunchtime – along with every other shop in town (mid afternoon siestas are common here).

A great market – firstly vegetables, meat and sausages and cheese (to die for). Then clothing and all sorts of other things. Must admit the wallet was opened on a couple of occasions.

Nerac is slightly bigger than most of the other villages or towns we have come across.

Finally find a hairdresser who has time for me. A few hand signals and I have the quickest haircut in history – man, she was fast. Couldn’t place the scent of the shampoo – Coconut? Chocolate? – finally realised it smelt just like lamingtons. At least she understood I wanted it as short as possible and she has obliged.

Back to the boat and our afternoon cruise to Moncrabeau. Today we play hide and seek with a number of Otters – unfortunately they disappear pretty quickly when they sense the boat – the bank is marked with trails where they run up the side to their nests.

A number of the narrow channels following the locks (leading back to the main river) are very low and we are almost scraping on the bottom – the river changes from the usual green to a light muddy brown as we make our way through. Apart from a few boats travelling in the opposite direction in the morning we have seen no other traffic at all. The only other boat in Moncrabueau looks like a permanent resident and has his own car.

Megan and David go for another ride in the evening – quite steep so glad I didn’t go too. Hills are not my forte.

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