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A Tuna caught on route - quickly despatched for dinner

Tony doing a quick repair job

Brian refitting the stove

A fellow traveller aground at Nelsons Bay on the beach

The marina

Brian back from his shower

Tony giving filleting lessons

BBQ fish anyone

Home made Sticky Date Pudding

Tucking into fish

ECG resting on her laurels

Another sailing adventure in the offering, my crew to Mooloolaba (Tony, Brian and Will) were full of anticipation and excitement as were left Sydney harbour in a NW wind of 15-25 knots. An Albacore tuna caught by Tony soon became an important dinner guest. The plan to sail directly to Mooloolaba came under threat as the wind came up and gusts up to 38 knots with 3 - 4 metre seas. In 25 knots Tony and Will raced to the mast to reduce the sail size by reefing the main. In the pitch black with only a small head lamp each they worked hard to reduce the large main sail. Then the new auto-helm's bracket came adrift. It was cold and wet with little light. A disaster and the decision was made to head to Port Stephens.

Three hour shifts hand steering ECG ( East Coast Girl) in the large seas with white water spraying over the unfortunate watch helms-person soon took it's toll. As we approached Port Stephens the dolphins and albatross appeared to lighten the mood. A strange noise and ECG stopped dead in her tracks, then an awful racket as the anchor and chain fell and the anchor rope was cut in half by the propeller. My eyes dry after so many years sailing

I now except these disasters as glass half full opportunities. Fellow yachtsmen here were for more extensive repairs, a broken boom, a properlor falling off, electrical problems.

We settled in to wait for repairs and the arrival of the new equipment. Tony terrorised the local fish and produced many dinners.

Four days it took to get new chain and an anchor from Necastle to Port Stephens, we should have picked it up by bus. One crew member left due to personal business so now only three remain

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