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We left Edinburgh to fly to Dublin. Not a very interesting city and certainly not much help at the National Library related to military bands.

There weren't the interesting vistas or monuments in Dublin that we had seen elsewhere. There were however, lots of pubs and more Guinness that you could ever imagine! In fact, Katharine and I went through the Guinness interpretive centre. Free samples and a glass at the end! It was a beautiful centre and very appropriate for the site. I have no idea what it would have cost to build, definitely more than any interpretive building I've ever been to before!

People outside, or maybe it was inside, our hotel finished partying at 2:30 or 3 in the morning, we were glad to have ear plugs.

We took the bus to Cork. A long ride - around 4 hours, but much cheaper than the train. It was only 15 Euro.

Cork is not an attractive city. That being said, the old part of the city has very narrow streets, all brick. Tall stone walls often line one side of the street. Our bus tour of the city certainly demonstrated the skill of the driver!

We visited the university and found that no Sippis had been registered as students. This leaves me some good questions.

Today we leave Cork and head to nearby Youghal. We are renting a car for the next week, so I'm hoping that I can relax. Katharine is a good driver but I'm afraid I'm a nervous passenger.

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