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What do we do when our home is in the shop?

Stick & Brick homeowners don’t have to worry about things like that but us full-time RV’ers sure do.

All of the parts for our rig arrived on Saturday so today the work began in earnest. They are installing a fireplace, and replacing the dining room table & chairs with the newer design, which incorporates a small hutch and normally comes with two chairs instead of the standard four chairs.

They also are installing a TV in the bedroom (We provided the TV) and changing the queen bed for a king bed, with a sleep number mattress. That is what we had in our other RV and we really like the comfort of that mattress.

We also had a few minor squawks which were found by living in the new home for 10 days while we waited for parts to come in.

One tire did not hold pressure and we had to air it up before we left the RV resort this morning. Also one of the air ride airbags was nearly flat after 10 days, while the others were just fine.

One small hydraulic leak on a leveler jack and one drawer in the bedroom dresser doesn’t close properly.

They hope to get us out of here on Wednesday afternoon with all systems “Go”.

Well, back to my question about what to do when your home is in the shop.

Once we backed in to the assigned parking space, and dropped our home off, we drove to Cracker Barrel where we enjoyed a fine breakfast.

After that enjoyable breakfast was over, so was my fun!

Marilyn wanted (She used the word “Needed”) to go shopping for some clothing.

You ladies may not know this but I’ll bet the men do…”Those wooden benches they have at Malls, for the men to sit on, are really hard after awhile!”

I also tired of watching the college kids walk by. They all look so young!

Finally! We were finished with the shopping for today. At least Marilyn said she could tell that I was done! I wonder if that tight lipped grimace gave it away. LOL

Seriously, the Mall gave us a nice cool place to go and it wasn’t too bad sitting there. Actually I ended up buying more than Marilyn did, but I’ll bet I didn’t “Look At” (She calls that Shopping) nearly as many things as she did.

We drove back to Wheels RV in the 100 degree heat of the early afternoon and sat in the lounge with the laptop and a book.

Life is Good!

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