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The canal

Along the Canal

We set off to travel further up the Canal de Garonne – a day spent alternating between relaxing and riding our bikes along the canal path. We see little villages on the side and a couple of small houses that I could quite happily live in. Most have their shutters closed to keep out the heat – although today is much cooler.

We do some washing and hang it out on the deck to make the most of the breeze.

For our stop tonight we pull up on the bank just outside of Pont de Sables. We explore the village on our bikes, find a La Poste for the kids to send their post cards and try to find a bar with a TV so we can view some of the Le Tour without any luck.

For a country that has a reputation of being wine drinkers if nothing else there is a surprising lack of bars or bistros – thought there would be at least one in each village – if only as a balance to the quite significant churches and statues of the Madonna which appear in even the smallest of villages.

After dinner Megan and David head off for a long ride along some narrow country roads and, as usual, David returns with his pockets full of contraband. We have told him “No more until you have eaten past booty”.

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