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Sunday 7/10 /11 Say Hello To My Little Buddy!

The Navigator and I are trying our hand at volunteering at National and State Parks as camp hosts, visitor center info peeps, interpretive guides or anything else short of manual labor. After joining Workampers and publishing our resumes on their website, we were contacted by many organizations looking for workampers. We accepted a position as camp hosts at Greenbrier State Park in Western Maryland. As a precursor to our trip, we decided to spend a couple of days at Anastasia State Park in St Augustine with Amber, Bill, Jenny, Kenny and Kenny’s mom. Bill and Amber had a nice welcoming sign posted at our site: Welcome Future Camp Hosts and balloons decorating our post`. Saturday was awesome: lunch at the Columbia restaurant. Bill discovered a great seafood store and he and Kenny dropped a few “fins” on fresh fish, shrimp and scallops. Kenny went all out and bought a pound of Chilean Sea Bass to grill out next to his steak on “steak night”. Twas a great time had by all. I heard rumors of injuries sustained while playing Ghost Crab Rodeo Saturday night. Say it aint so Amber.

The Navigator and I hit the road at 9am Sunday to begin our next great adventure.

Anita is the proud owner of an Apple iPhone, which means she can now peruse the internet ad nauseum. It wasn’t long into our trip that my new nemesis reared his ugly head: GAS BUDDY!!!!! Gas Buddy is an iPhone application that allows anal navigators to search for the lowest possible gas price in the area you are traveling through. Naively, I pulled off the interstate and stopped at the first gas station to fill up. Upon reentering the cockpit , the Navigator kindly informed me that I spent way too much for gas and had I only let her know in advance she would have told me gas was cheaper just down the road. I can see that the Navigator’s “little buddy” is going to disrupt an otherwise harmonious 45 years of marriage and we will become entangled in massive and heated discussions over 1 or 2 cents per gallon. The remainder of the trip went smoothly and we stopped at the Little Pee Dee River State Park in South Carolina. The best news of the day- the park had a pull though site so I didn’t have to off load the tow dolly. Tomorrow we plan on stopping in Petersburg, Va unless Gas Buddy gets me killed.

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