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red sky at night,sailors delight!

hi ho,hi ho ,its off to work we go

Nevis Peak





Bonjour family & friends,

Our 13 hr passage was made up of 5ft seas,and steady 20 knot winds from midnite to noon the following day.

St.Kitts gives us a problem due to dog importation,so we just anchored at different beaches for 3 days.Actually St.Kitts is called St.Christopher formally and this name does appear on some postage stamps,charts,(as the chartplotter tells me)

this island of St.Kitts dominates the northern part of the Leeward islands because of its dramatic size and its beauty.

Perhaps the main reason so much blood was shed over St.Kitts was that it was reported to have the highest yield of superior sugar in the world.

As we made our approach from St. Kitts(white house bay anchorage) to Nevis which are separated by 2 miles of water named The Narrows,we could see why the island is titled "Queen of the Caribees"

Columbus added Nevis to his vast collection of discoveries,and its original name was "Nuestra Senora De La Nieves" which translates "Our Lady Of the Snow" because of the cloud cap on the Nevis Peak.

We stopped and grabbed a mooring ball, had a meal onboard and rested for 6 hrs before our departure for Guadeloupe.

We lifted the anchor at 1 am and this would give us 5hrs of night sailing before dawn,putting us 5 miles offshore from Monserrat island.

Monserrat island is an volcanic island,but were not active at this time.

The steady tradewind breeze of Monserrat volcano didn't slow us down at all,but once we past the south eastern tip of the island we were back in open water,another passage where the Atlantic Ocean flows into the Caribbean Sea.

The seas picked up in size again and we had a another 6 hrs until we reach the north east tip of Guadeloupe.

We deliberately timed our approach and distance for Monserrat to see the island volcanic ash,maybe floating out to sea for 5 miles?plus i just wanted to see a volcano!

The smell of sulfhur was strong as we sailed past!

Bonjour and bon apetit are the most common words we hear now touring the french colony.

this island has a rain forest and much exotic wildlife,the islands shape is of a butterfly.

We are presently in Deshaies Harbour,a small fishing and restaurant harbour.

In order to get our "land legs' back,we just walked around slowly at first.

Trying to find anything was a struggle but we didn't care at that point.

Timex was so excited he bounced like a kangaroo all over the park.

It is also a passion of his to hunt for geckoes while we stroll.but now he can hunt for land crabs as it is the newest and interesting creature for him.

We found a fresh water river flowing down the peaks to quench Timexs thurst,also he just plunged and bathed in the fresh water.

We longed for something like chocolate croissants or anything french cuisine,but being sunday,and not liking the greenback,we settled for homemade cocnut ice cream,which was surprisingly delicious which was made in front of us!

We still have a jungle/rainforest tour to do as we move along the coast of Guadeloupe.

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