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For all those people who read the latest post (and I know there were a TON of you) and thought ¨oh, poor Nicole, she´s in Spain and it´s overcast and rainy¨: don´t worry. About 20 minutes after I finished that post, I went outside to blue skies and hot sun! The day cleared up REALLY fast and Kate and I spent about 4 hours (from 3-7pm...ridiculous) hot and tanning ourselves at the extremely packed La Concha beach.

After the beach, we got back to the hostel to get ready and went out to a ridiculously delicious tapas meal! This meal is seriously the only reason I´m writing this post. Because it was delicious and because there were so many things I don´t think I could remember them all if I waited another day. We visited 3 different tapas restaurants on a weird eat-and-run mission. Of course, we got beer in 2 out of the 3 places... but the beer wasn´t what was so interesting... it was the food!

1. Smoked salmon wrapped around crab salad on a baguette. yea. quite the kickoff for this fiesta.

2. Artichoke, shrimp and what I think was eel on a skewer with pepper chutney.

3. Deep-fried bacon-wrapped mushroom.

4. Anchovies on crap salad on a baguette.

5. Shrimp skewers with bits of bacon and onion in between the shrimps. Grilled right in front of you and then put on a baguette with olive oil and a sweet fruit and pepper chutney on top (by far the most delicious.)

6. Deep-fried, bacon-wrapped, citrus-marinated artichoke heart.

7. Smoked salmon salad on a mini baguette.

Oh. My. God. I can´t wait to do this again tonight. I hope they have tapas bars like this in Pamplona. Oh yea, In about 3 hours we are taking a bus to Pamplona for the Festival San Fermin (aka. The running of the bulls...). We´ll be there for tonight´s party (I hear it gets pretty wild... the people we met on the bus over here didn´t even have a room to stay in. They were just planning on either partying all night and not sleeping, or sleeping on the floor wherever they could find a spot) and then tomorrow´s early morning running. Then we´re coming back to San Sebastian for another night before heading to Lisboa (Lisbon), Portugal. Stoked! I hope I have time to write about Pamplona tomorrow or the next day.

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