Steele summer 2011 travel blog

One of many bridges in Nova Scotia

Our lunch stop on the pier. No water there, though.

This whole area is filled with water when the tide is in.

See the boats sitting on the bottom next to the pier! They...


Ottawa House Museum

Porch at the Museum - a big, big house.

It's unbelievable how far-out the tide is. Wish we could be here...

Rained all day. We are camped in the middle of tents and popups. Brings back memories what do you do with bored kids in a confined space. At the end of the day some had escaped and were playing on wet playground equipment. At 7 PM the rain quit and there are signs of relief on the faces of the sequestered parents. Brings back the memories.

We took a drive to Parrsboro on the coast. This is an area of Bay of Fundy with record tides. The tide swing today was 39 feet. We arrived at low tide and observed a large expanse of red sand. Since it was raining, we did not have to wade today. A 1790's house turned into a small museum caught our attention. It contained a number of authentic artifacts. They had devoted a room to the woodworking tools, most of which were part of the ship boards tool chest. The house was built in the manner they built ships. The walls were solid 4 inch thick planking, similar to the planking of a ship. There was a layer of wet plaster on top. The only problem was they did not know how to build a foundation to support all the weight. Good thing they had planes to keep reshaping the doors.

Time to reflect on the tour. The tour was an easy way to get to see many of the sites of the Maritimes. We had no idea what we wanted to see without a ton of research. We also were booked into RV parks within easy bus or truck trips to each destination. The bus trips stopped at a manageable number of gift shops so the extraction of money was painless. I appreciated the door to door transportation. The bus picked us up within 10 feet of our camper, and dropped us at the door of each event. We were on tour for 18 days which was about right. We ran across one tour that was 45 days long. I felt we received a fair service for the $2600 we spent. There were some corners cut because the tour did not fill up. We need to remember to check the next time we attempt one and see what happens if they do not sellout. Overall a good experience. Bill

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