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After a 12 hour bus ride through the night (where I slept surprisingly well for being in a cramped seated position... well, maybe not THAT surprising, considering the bottle of Merlot from Paris that Kate and I finished off on the first 2 hours of the bus ride...) we arrived in Basque Country. San Sebastian (forgive me for leaving off the accent) is a sunny beach town with old school buildings and a chill surfer attitude... and, when we arrived, it was raining.

Getting in to a new town at 8-9ish in the morning after about 5 hours of shotty sleep isn´t necessarily the best way to do it... but Kate and I were laughing at everything that happened, so I guess it has it´s pros. When we got to the rainy bus station, almost everyone was in white and red and trying to get on a bus to Pamplona. That´s tomorrow for us. For today we just wanted to check out the train station (for buying overnight tickets to Lisboa, Portugal) and check in to our hostel. It took some broken Spanish, a nice elderly couple, one bus ride, one umbrella, and about 20 minutes of walking in the mist/rain for us to accomplish those objectives. Finally, we made it to the hostel.. but weren´t allowed to check in until noon... 3 hours later. So we took a nice stroll along the bay.

This place is a little like Monterey (fresh seafood everywhere, wet-suited surfers, Aquarium, and foggy) and a little like Venice (small, cobblestone streets and cute little markets) and a little like Paris (random Gothic pillars on the horizon). Really beautiful, I just wish it was sunny! The rain part chilled out while we were eating our delicious and cheap breakfast (croissant, cappuccino, and fresh-squeezed orange juice), but it´s still pretty darn overcast.

Our plan for the rest of the day is to nap (we finally checked in), shower, walk around some more, eat a delicious dinner, and rest up... Tomorrow at 5pm we go to Pamplona! So excited!

All for now. Adios.

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