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An early start today, we started driving at 7.15, to travel to Cody, Wyoming. Our first stop was at Devil's Tower. We had a 35 minute hike around the base. It was like going on a nature trail with Chipmunks, Red Squirrels and Prarie dogs on the path.

The rest of the day we spent travelling. There was some great scenery though. We drove by the Rockies and through Big Horn mountain range. There was still snow on the ground in some places we passed.

Once we got to the hotel in Cody, we dropped our bags and went straight to a Rodeo. Some people on the tour dressed up as cowboys. The town really was a cowboy town, all the men wore white cowboy hats, jeans and checked shirts. The Rodeo included barebacked horse riding, where the horse would buck and try to throw the rider off, cattle wrestling (here they had to jump of their horse onto a cow, wrestle it to the ground and tie it up), cattle roping and bull riding. We sat and watched it all with a big bucket of popcorn. After it finished just after ten we all went back to the hotel.

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