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Yesterday and today we hiked the Cinque Terre trail. We started yesterday morning in Monterosso at about 10:30. The weather felt perfect, windy and probably 75 degrees. We loaded up with sunblock and hats, water and tennis shoes. It took us just slightly over 90 minutes to hike from Monterosso to Vernazza. Man, that section is brutal. There were times it felt like we just kept climbing and climbing, Dar said we were on the stairway to heaven! John was able to wring his shirt out when we got to Vernazza...actually he threw it away and Lori bought him a new one.

We had lunch and took the ferry back. We grabbed our suits and headed for the umbrellas on the beach. We swam and had birre. Then we decided to swim to the rocks. Dar stayed behind on the beach with our belongs. John had the lead with Lori just slightly behind him. I was about 10 feet behind them. We got about 3/4 of the way to the rocks when the first jellyfish bit. Lori yelped, said she got bit or stung by something. John said get back to shore now and I put the brakes on, reversed my movement forward to the direction of the beach. Then John got stung. He yelped and then he went underwater very briefly. Scared the holy crap out of me...if whatever it was could take him under, I knew it would have me for a snack! Turns out he was trying to jerk away from the jellyfish but from where I was, it looked like it pulled him under. The three of us swam as fast as we could to shore, John actually beat us but Lori was not far behind.

I was the last to get to shore but I was the lucky one, I didn't get stung.

They went to the ristorante and put vinegar on the stings...they welted pretty good. Lori said hers are much better today but John's still looked nasty.

This morning we took the ferry to Riomaggiore and walked to Manarola. Very easy walk, that was good because the sun was shining and the heat was on. The trail is closed from Manarola to Corniglia...looks from the water that there was a significant mudslide sometime this year. We grabbed the train back after lunch and Lori and I shopped for trinkets while Dar and John napped.

Great day...sorry to see our time here end. This is by far my favorite place in Italy!

Off to Venice tomorrow...heard today there is a train strike tomorrow...said it was going to start in the evening. We should be safely in Venice by then.



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