Tess and Jono 2011 travel blog


Ios was a ghost town during the day because most of the buildings were bars. At night it was the opposite. We went out with the group on the first night and visited many establishments. Each bar had a theme. ‘Slammers’ theme was that every time you ordered a shot, they put a motorbike helmet on your head and then hit you with a fire extinguisher. ‘Flames’ tended to do things associated with fire. Another bar had different flavoured shots. Eg apple pie, twix, malteaser.

The second day was a beach day. Ios had the best beach of all the islands which wasn’t overcrowded. We decided to go tubing. Tess went on the ‘Mach 1’ with a couple of the girls and didn’t fall off. I tried the ‘Mach 2’ (total refund if you don’t fall off) and fell off many times. Needless to say our bodies ached for the next three days.

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